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February 15, 2003




ABSA investor services (AIS PRIVATE)


Once the global financial markets started to expand and develop, together with initiatives towards the centralisation and immobilisation of safe custody of scrip, the need for a specialised place of safe keeping and administration of financial securities was identified by Absa Bank.

To fill this void, AIS was established in 1991, drawing expertise from specialist staff who performed custody and settlement on a smaller scale and on an in-house basis in the banks out of which Absa Bank was formed. Where custody and settlement used to be a peripheral service provided by banks and trust companies in the past, a dedicated operation with experienced staff was created to afford clients service and guidance of the highest order.

Client base
AIS derives its clients from local and foreign pension funds, insurance companies asset managers, brokers, global custodians etc.

n In 1995 Absa Bank became the first South African Bank to enter into a strategic alliance with a global custodian, Bankers Trust Company (BTC) at the time.

n Today the alliance with Deutsche Bank A.G., who has taken over BTC, is tried and tested and has proven to be functional, reliable and a big asset in the array of services provided by Absa Investor Services.

AIS provides the full range of settlement, custodial and sub-custodial services. It acts as settlement agent in the current physical scrip environment, interacting with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Clearing House, and is a leading participant in the de-materialisation of equities process currently being implemented under the auspices of STRATE. AIS is an accredited Settlement Agent for bonds traded on the Bond Exchange of South Africa (BESA), as well as for trades executed on the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX). The team also provides custodial services for money market instruments. The full range of custodial services include:

Core services
The core services provided by AIS include the following -

Safe Custody
Since 95%+ of the local issued bonds have been immobilised in a central depository, the bulk of the securities held in custody by AIS is made up by equities and money market instruments.

AIS is responsible for the settlement of its clients transactions concluded on the local money, equity and bond markets.

Asset administration
Complete records of the client's securities under custody by AIS is kept and maintained. Various reports are furnished to clients to provide them with the necessary management information.

Income distribution
Interest and dividends on bonds, money market instruments and equities are collected on behalf of clients and distributed to their nominated accounts.

Corporate events
Since AIS's clients are required to register their financial securities, where possible, in the name of one of AIS's nominee companies, it is possible to advise all clients of corporate events taking place in companies inwhich they have an interest.

Why go the ABSA investor services route?

n Specialised and dedicated staff are concentrated under one roof.

n Absa Bank is committed to rendering sublime custody and settlement services to its clients in the South African market.

n Through its links with its global custody alliance partner, Absa Bank affords its clients access to more than 70 markets world-wide.

n AIS has a proven track record as a preferred custodian and settlement agent in the South African market.



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