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The integration of informatics and their frequently heterogeneous components


Now more than ever, the financial world is inseparable from the world of informatics. This is especially the case in the area of banking where the integration of informatics and their frequently heterogeneous components, represents strategic stakes. Added to the traditional constraints of operational procedures there are the processing requirements, in real time, of financial information in order to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele.

Informatics have radically modified the concept of finance and no longer represent for banks just a means of operational performance, but a strategic motivation of another dimension.

With the creation of new instruments, management techniques have undergone an analogous and simultaneous evolution to that of financial informatics. The rationalisation of portfolio management procedures and styles such as centralised management has enabled managers to access pertinent information 'on-time'. With more time at his disposal, the portfolio manager possesses the necessary tools to increase his performance, conquer new sectors and develop client loyalty.

The portfolio manager, on the basis of an infrastructure rich in raw data allowing him to characterise his environment, carry out transactions, memorise and control, can immediately take the right decisions to attain better results.

Since all software applications result from a methodology, it is absolutely necessary for a bank who wants to acquire a portfolio management system to choose a software with an architecture corresponding to the following axes, needs and questions:

The criteria required for an optimal selection are numerous:

nl What style of management should be used?

n In what instrument?

n In what currency?

n For what amount?...- etc.

Only a software package with a filter, making it possible to cross-assemble this selection according to a multicriteria approach, can represent an appropriate reply to the necessity to structure the investment procedure, thus facilitating its quantification.

Strategies are at the core of portfolio management procedures. They are vital because they help the manager to position himself with regard to his investment plan and take any necessary corrective steps (such as risk cover, speculation, repositioning, safeguard or investment).

According to the type of organisation, large, medium or small, bank or investment company managers have at their disposal a list of recommendations created by their internal financial analysts, or a list of recommendations of external origin. For the utmost effectiveness, this recommendation activity must also be integrated in the global procedure, allowing an automated choice of instruments.

Management decisions are materialised by sale and purchase orders. These bulk orders will be generated automatically by the so-called 'rebalancing' procedure. An efficient system will allow protagonists to control and intervene in order to guarantee execution in line with these decisions.

Calculation of the realised performance and the possibility to project evaluation of this performance represent another vital aspect of a portfolio management software. It should be possible to carry out these calculations in real time or periodically and for them to be expressed in an unlimited number of currencies.

Modern concepts integrate the performance calculation standards (time weighted return) in force in the various financial markets.

For total effectiveness, security should be implemented within the broader administrative context of the system. It should be defined at the functionalities and data level. Access rights and authorisations should be accorded for a given area, with additional limitation for certain specific tasks.

A friendly and ergonomically designed environment is crucial to ensure maximum ease in navigation, hence providing more transparent display of data.

To conclude, in the face of the constant dynamics of financial environments, of the ever-increasing volume of data to be handled, portfolio managers want a specialised software to be rapid, easy to use and of high efficiency. With ERI the OLY-PMS (Portfolio Management System) solution is an integral part of the OLYMPIC Banking System product. Consequently, the portfolio managers benefit from all the existing operational and decisional capabilities, thus affording genuine data processing in real time.

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