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A sharper focus on technology


Barclays Capital's mission to be the leading European investment bank is highly dependent on the ready international access delivered through technology. Our American clients have embraced the web's convenience, and Barclays has benefited from this experience and is now in the forefront of delivering web service into Europe. At the same time, we are bringing the high performance and standards of reliability demanded by one of the world's busiest trading floors to deliver market-leading service to external clients.

We have a strong tradition of embracing technology leading back to our parent company, Barclays Bank PLC. Barclays not only invented the first cash machine but is also is one of the founding members of Identrus, which enables business to business high value transaction processing over the web. Barclays Capital was among the earliest of the international investment banks to establish a speciality industry specifically dedicated to the technology client. Today, the Global Technologies Group is a significant player in technology-related corporate finance providing debt underwriting and distribution, financial advisory services, private equity, and structured capital markets services.

Through a rigorous and innovative recruitment and staff compensation program, we've attracted world-leading experts in the technology field from Caltech, the Human Genome research project, Bell Labs and other centers of excellence. We have invested heavily in a global technology infrastructure that allows us to leverage the capital strength of the Bank. This places us in an ideal position as the fixed income markets undergo the same tremendous structural changes that have transformed equity brokerage since the advent of the Internet. We see the industry developing fixed income and derivatives ECNs that will provide consumers and providers of liquidity with an efficient electronic marketplace to complement the existing advanced financial engineering capability of the bank. Organisational size will no longer be the critical factor as technology provides ready access to capital and the decision makers standing behind it. As a bank, Barclays is very well positioned to benefit from the blurring of the distinction between bonds and loans.

As part of that position, Barclays Capital is a very active participant in a number of major e-commerce initiatives, ranging from TradeWeb for fixed income distribution for USD product, to EuroMTS for European inter-dealer market making. Our latest projects centre on the provision of foreign exchange processing via the web. This is a very exciting development that will extend our world class foreign exchange trading and execution capability to support Internet based clients.

Barclays Capital is the international investment banking division of the Barclays Bank PLC, the largest UK based bank operating in Europe. Headquartered in London, we have substantial operations in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, Mumbai and Johannesburg. Barclays Capital businesses are grouped around two principal asset classes: credit and rates. Credit includes the origination, sales, trading and research relating to loans, securitised assets, bonds, commodities and their related derivative instruments, equity derivatives and private equity investment. Rates include sales, trading and research relating to government bonds, money markets, foreign exchange, and their related derivative instruments. Drawing on its unique strengths in these areas, Barclays Capital is able to provide its global client base with tailored and integrated financing solutions.

Barclays PLC was founded more than 300 years ago in the United Kingdom. Now operating in over 64 countries, with assets of more than $413 billion, capital resources of $22 billion and an AA credit rating, it is one of the largest in the world.

Barclays Capital is the international investment banking division of the Barclays Group. Headquartered in London, with substantial operations in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, Mumbai and Johannesburg.




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